Cover Letter

Frye Museum



Since 2009, I’ve worked remotely and in this capacity have empowered communities, launched ideas and contributed to the fields of art, film, music & design. By trade I am a communication designer and strategist, but in keeping with global trends, I am agile across all creative avenues.

At present, I’m readjusting to Seattle weather having lived in Melbourne, Australia for the last six years. While an expat, I led a team of volunteers and suppliers as the Events Coordinator for Thousand £ Bend, one of Melbourne’s largest independent galleries for live music, film festivals, fashion shows, multidisciplinary art exhibitions, performance art and public & private events.  

Most recently I’ve been the interim COO and head of Brand Partnerships for Convenory — a concept that brings a members club, campus and venture fund to Australia. While I’ve been influential in building stakeholder development, I’ve also looked after event programing, including the filming and live event of {TheAND}, an Emmy Award Winning interactive experience by The Skin Deep.





Yesteryear, I was a director and ¼ of Uncoated Pty. Ltd., a content and media company that curated an annual conference called, Sex, Drugs & Helvetica (Brisbane & Melbourne). The conference invited six acclaimed local and international designers to each present one single project — from start to finish. Speakers included: Cheryl Heller (project: MFA program in Design for Social Innovation at SVA), James Greenfield (project: Airbnb Rebrand) and Ben Miles (project: SKY TV New Zealand). During its five-year run, the presentations and interviews were filmed, edited and published. Along with the conference we developed design workshops (Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne) for students and professionals, while also publishing online articles and editorials. Our ongoing mission was to address the real topics, issues and stories of process that impacted designers and their industry.



Sex, drugs & Helvetica 2015 Promo



Tomorrow my attention will turn to the final two chapters of my masters research in design education. My career in design had led to opportunities within the academic community, becoming a lecturer at RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in the undergraduate & masters courses, at Holmesglen Institute and at SIM Global Education (Singapore Institute of Management). Following my time as a lecturer, I chose to study how education, the design industry and those who participate relate to one another.

What lies ahead, is the ambition to leverage my enthusiasm for collaboration and to join a team who work with purpose and without hesitation. I’m thankful that you’ve read my story and it is my hope that you are open to continuing the conversation. I look forward to learning more about this opportunity. 

All the best,